Macro Hack: Our First Feminist

I found this image on during a search for a history hack idea. The picture I chose looks like a scan of an original image, that has been converted into a jpg file and the size is unknown. The article of the image does not say where it was taken or who actually took the photo. While you can easily tell that the picture is old and possible restored to some extent the clarity is astonishing. The way this image is taken makes it seem as if its intended use was for an article or just a self portrait. The original pictures date was not placed on the website of which I obtained it. However, due to her presidency being in the year of 1872, it is safe to assume that it was a little after that. During this time people did not differentiate between personal poses and professional poses like we see more of today. The photo presents what power is in its most simple form, just one individual. The photographer angled the shot in such a way that she looks at peace, yet she is looking toward something. The photo makes you hone in on her eyes, and with them looking away at a distance it makes her seem like she see no only the present but is able to look out into the future. Maybe that is what the photographer was hoping this point would be easy to recognize. The exact time of when the photo was circulated was not present on the website.Today, society has formed this idea that women gained their rights in the 1920’s when the 19th amendment gave women the power to humans. However, hacking history shows us that Hilary Clinton is not the first woman to make noise within an all male candidacy, Victoria Woodhull from Ohio was. Woodhull would run against President Ulysses in 1872. During her campaign she was part of the Equal Rights Party, does that not sound familiar to what we are learning now? A woman 50 years ago was leading the movement for equality. She was a voice of strength to plead the case that women had to demand equal rights and had to demand that they receive the same rights the American government gave to men. In fact prior to her running for presidency she challenged many aspect to the injustices that the laws were upholding. She made the argument that women were citizens too, and that if you paid taxes you should get a say in how they were used. Which is a great point to make. By her being a voice of logic it aided in her future for a leadership position. This image is awesome because this is someone I have never heard of. And honestly, I am shocked that i have not come across her soon. She is an original wolf (or wolfette) of Wall Street, and despite what modern history claims she was the first woman to run for presidency. What is even more exciting is that she was an O.G. hippie! Woodhull made the argument that people should have a the only say and a free say in what or who they do. She was known for being okay with sexual acts which at that point in time would make her vile. Her courageous mind and ideas is why I was drawn to her for this hack idea. She was married three times and was a very wealthy woman. Her story is amazing. History has so many amazing women, yet, we get to learn about the submissive housewives of the 50’s and 60’s instead of these chicks that made it okay to be a powerful woman. She made the argument that many others who have experienced oppression have made, and that is the fact that the oppressed have no government. The government is a rich white man’s sport that many are not invited to be a part of. Just to give you a more indepth look at Woodhull I have attached a youtube viedo that puts her life goals/missions in a short and concise way. Enjoy!


-Charrah Hardamon

Hack #6- Coming Out As Gay

I was talking to an indivual today and our conversation got me thinking about our ideas and the lack our of mental block removal methods. I am not sure if I agree with the term “coming out”- why did we (we being society) make someone feel like they had to hide. The gay community, like many other communities just want to get the main point of understanding across. The main point here is that it is their right to be different than what we consider normal. It is in fact a fundamental human right. Gays are humans too! Like, come the fuck on people. I don’t have to come out as Black… do I? Why does someone need to explain or tell you how they are born. Or fight for the right to be embraced as they are made? I think it is time we dismiss this idea of gay indiviuals needing to come out. I think dumb people need to do the broadcasting, they are the ones that need to be treated differently.



Hack #5 – Is Feminism still relevant….

Nowadays, it is so easy to dismiss the need for feminist because all of the ‘big issues’ have been settled with, but there is still so much discrimination against women out there. Today in section Linnea brought up the idea of women, and what if that idea didn’t exist (the title). Yet- what if we just went by who we are not what we are. Since the 60’s women in America have been fighting to become equal, especially after decades of proving themselves of equal standards to men. However, I look around me today and wonder…is history unraveling itself? Do women still want these rights? The right to be more than a sex object. Instead of embracing our bodies as a sex tool we should be thankful. Because of the bra burning feminist fighting for rights we now get to enjoy the gains of the feminist movement. These include but are not limited to: women’s equal access to education, their increased participation in politics and the workplace, their access to abortion and birth control (Umm, hell yeah!), the existence of resources to aid domestic violence and rape victims, and the legal protection of women’s rights . While some of these are taken for granted, we should be grateful for our sisters in History!




Hippie by definition is: “a person of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair and wearing beads, associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs.” (

Living in California, it seems a bit weird to consider something I see all of the time historic. But hey, it had to start somewhere right? Unlike in the past a “hippie”  now and days is someone who is a liberal, and holistic. They probably don’t work for the “man” or they use more natural products and care more about being natural. They practiced “free love”, and that is something we still see (i.e. Pacific Beach on Taco Tuesdays). Hippies do a lot of things that we do today. Used hallucinogenic drugs, you can go to Coachella this weekend and see hundreds of people using drugs like this to get into the moment with the music. They had very liberal political views, this is something that has NEVER left California, and luckily a lot of states are following. All-in-all, hippies were awesome and they left a HUGE impact on the California culture that we still see today.


Hack #3

In class we spoke about the culture of fear during the time of the civil rights. The story of Emmett Till (Chapt 24 – Hist) briefly went over the story of the murder of a young african american boy. This story is somewhat reminiscent to the cultural scrutiny around the articles centered around young blacks being targeted by white cops. I see a huge difference between the two, however, these acts have had many blacks in American (and whites) a little upset and even calling these acts those of racism. images-1kBG0IWs


Does it ever blow your mind how history repeats itself, and manages to stay current in time and relevant? In lecture Prof. Blum had mentioned cartoons being a gateway for promotional ads to sell a product; or to appeal an idea to the mass audience. We have all heard of a show called Modern Family, and have grown to love the homosexual couple (Cam, and Mitchell), while it isn’s a cartoon it is still on TV. You see sitcoms introducing a new way of life that is becoming accepted and legal. The fight to make a gay/homosexual family or couple a modern thing was no easy task (Seriously Obama began supporting Gays outright on May 9th 2012). It has been an on going battle probably since the beginning of time (not literally). My point is, if you want America to get used to something… like seeing gay couples, TV seems to be the best way. And to think this all started with a light bulb…..

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Hack #1- 1920’s-You keep the baby, I will take the job.

Say hello to the 1920’s ladies and gentlemen. In lecture we went over the 19th Amendment and how it allowed women to be in charge of their lives. Ladies this was OUR time, we had HUGE movements occurring: voting rights, women being entered into the work force, but what stuck out to me was the birth control steps. Before, women were bound to take care of the children, medicine back then wasn’t informed enough to make the “pull out” method effective. Women got to have a say on whether they were ready and willing to have children. Moving to now, women have the same rights as men do, if we want a fun night we have a way to protect ourselves! Side note….you still should use a condom because well…babies aren’t the only thing you can catch ;). Keep it classy San Diego!

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