HACK!! Censorship and Explicit.. what does freedom of speech even mean?

Last Monday, in lecture Linnea brought up many points of censorship and how the government controls almost every aspect of what we hear, see, and speak. When looking at censorship in history it has been happening for years, started with African-Americans and limiting their rights and as well as limiting woman’s rights. One often hears Americans preaching about freedom of speech and that they can truly express their opinions in any way they want. When the truth is that one can not, you look at music and if an artist says “Fuck” or “Shit” they are immediately given a label. But why does the government get to decide what we say, I was always taught as an American I have the right to have freedom of speech. But in reality everything I say, do, or experience is censored by the government in some way shape or form. The image below gives the truth of what the United States government is doing with censoring what we hear, see, and speak on a daily basis. As this class progresses I hope we can learn more and truly understand why the government controls so much what we can truly do as “free citizens.”


Hack! Christine O’Donnell

H110-Section 1


I saw this Mayan calendar used as decoration on the wall while I was grocery shopping at Ralph’s on El Cajon blvd. Although it is only meant to be wall art, it is a good example of how history haunts us when you think about how this calendar foresaw famine and natural disasters during the projected end of the world in 2012! photo