Macro Hack

Summer is around the corner which means jobs, internships, seeing old friends, and moving residence. This was how my past two summers of my college career looked, and for those doing the same enjoy the time that you get to spend doing these things as they are meaningful and important to your personal growth. I have 2 years left in school, and I felt like I had to do something different this summer to gain new experiences and knowledge. Next Thursday I will be heading to Spain to take a marketing class, and then traversing my way throughout Eastern and Northern Europe to expand my horizons and understanding of the world. Going to popular tourist attractions seems nice, and I will visit a few, but I want and plan to do something that will immerse me in the local culture of each place I visit. This is my first time ever stepping foot outside of the country, and I may be adventuring it solo for a few stretches of the trip to visit the sights and cultures that I want to see. I feel like when I came to SDSU, I learned alot about myself within just a few weeks, as it was the first time I had lived on my own. Now that I have the opportunity to explore new and exciting places in a similar fashion, I will be making the most of my time. Obviously this sort of thing is outside of my comfort zone, but if I have learned anything about starting an adventure it is that I have to escape that comfort zone to learn more about myself. I highly recommend to anyone reading to study abroad while you’re still a student to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, even if you have to go by yourself.

This picture is a Land Rover advertisement in Germany from 2008 that uses passport stamps from various countries to outline the shape of the car. I found the picture in a thread titled “A picture is worth 1000 words” from a gaming site I frequent,, and this image spoke to me because it puts importance on getting out in the world. Spending money on experiences rather than material goods is a habit I have been trying to adopt, and this is my first test of that mentality. The image was intended to do what I described above, to inspire people to travel and see the world they live in. The marketing executives at Land Rover created the campaign to target their demographic of people who like to explore, as the Land Rover is sturdy all terrain vehicle. I chose this picture as my discussion topic because I always try and set short term and long term goals and plans as a way to structure my life. This is one of my plans I will be spending alot of time doing this summer, and will be the basis for all future traveling that I plan on doing. micromacro traveling

Hack #6

I saw that someone else posted a “Pray away the gay” video. While many of these types of videos exist, there was a video filmed in my hometown of Orange County in 2011 with a similar premise. The video was actually titled “Homosexuality in High School” and had two kids who claimed that they had been cured of their homosexuality through the church. I actually attended this church before the video was made, and immediately left as I realized their beliefs did nothing but bring other people down. The church was very interesting when it came to criticism, as they thought it made them “martyrs” of the Bible. While they were not nearly as extreme as some fundamentalist churches such as WBC, their ideologies were eerily similar. The video is nowhere to be found, as the only remaining links had copyright claims put on them to be taken down. The content of the video was disgusting to say the least, as it showed the lead pastor blasting homosexuality and stating that all those who are homosexual are destined to pain and suffering in the afterlife. I will try to find the video as I think I have it saved on my computer back home, but the church did a pretty good job at getting rid of it. Here’s a link to an article about the church, and how a renowned local performing arts school responded.

Hack #5 Free Food!

Today is tax day, which means cashing in on that tax return, but don’t spend it on food. Boston Market, Hard Rock Cafe, Sonic, Kona Ice, Brueggers, and probably many other local places are offering tax day freebies and discounts, but only today! Head out to any of these places listed above for food at less than market price.

As well as food, retailers are offering tax day discounts to help you spend that tax return as well. Ann Taylor, Finish Line, Foot Locker, and a few others are offering anywhere from 15-30% off purchases with promo codes for online shopping.

hack #5

Hack #4

This is a picture of a psychedelic poster of The Beatles Yellow Submarine hanging up in my garage. In class we watched the video of The Beatles performing “I want to hold your hand” and how this upbeat style of music would go on to define the 1960’s. Other groups such as Cream and The Beach Boys were in the same spectrum as The Beatles, and can be contrasted with the grunge era of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The attitudes felt during the 60’s were that of peace, as the new generation were trying to urge the United States to back out of Vietnam.


Hack #3

For our more beard inclined friends, March is a way to showcase their raw masculinity by growing a killer mustache. For the rest of us, it is a trial of endurance that leaves a faint caterpillar on the upper lip growing at a snails pace. Yes Mustache March is a fantastic time of year, but I was not brave enough to weather the trials, tribulations, and ultimate character building rewards that stem from attempting to grow even the slightest bit of facial hair this year. I did it last year though, all the way until March 31st. And still I couldn’t even see the stache from more than 2 feet away from a mirror. Here’s a picture of my mustache on 3/31/2014 right before I removed this thing from my face, I can’t even see it


Hack #1

YG showed up in LA this past weekend for as a guest for a show. He started breaking down some song lyrics, specifically “I call my homies not 911” means that YG doesn’t call the cops when he is in a pinch, because they won’t help him out, but his homies will. This shows the ongoing struggle between the black community and police officers

Yg (blue shirt) at the Palladium in Hollywood, CA

Yg (blue shirt) at the Palladium in Hollywood, CA