imagelistening to this song from Jenniferl remind me of the lynching terror from the late 18th century to the 1920s. The reasons why many African Americans were lynched are because of the economic downfall after the war and their voting right. At the time, most non-African Americans would try different methods to reduce or eliminate basic human rights of the African American population in America. Before the victims were lynched on the tree, they were either set on fire or had all of their fingers cut off. Pictures of lynching victims were printed out as poster for sale. The White population were also lynched; however, the number of victims were small compare to African American victims.

link: http://youtu.be/ZKAM_Hk4eZ0

Hack #1


I saw this on the wall of Heper Hall building. This is a picture of our third president Walter R. Hepner . There are information about him such as his date of birth and the day he passed away, his presidential terms here at SDSU. Walking around campus, we can see many historical objects; such experience makes me remember about what Professor Blum said during lecture “We’re haunted by History” .If we pay more attention, we may spot many different things that remind us of many historical events. In order for us students to remember the great work of our former president, SDSU made a statue of Walter R. Hepner and put it on campus.