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This is a picture of a Buddhist monk Quang Duc who set himself on fire June 11, 1963 in South Vietnam. During this time there was a political crisis in South Vietnam, which was under the rule of Ngo Dinh Diem, when the government was more focused on growing the catholic minority and pushing monks out of the region. Monks faced a great deal of discrimination in a place that they called their home and many did what they could to fight back. After his self-immolation this became a common way of protesting discrimination not only for Buddhist Monks, but also Czechoslovaks and Indians. In 1992 a cropped portion of this photo, that focused on the monk on fire, was used for the album cover for Rage Against the Machine to further their political agenda for the album. Each song of the album is linked to some sort of political message, which is why and extremely politically controversial picture is their cover photo. One of the most popular songs on the album is “Killing in the Name”, which is about police brutality and institutional racism (like racism in the government). I first thought about doing this photo for the essay when I heard about the riots in Baltimore where people are taking to the streets to fight against the police brutality that has been rising, but mainly the brutality and death that Freddie Gray endured. When a community sees a problem that do what they think is right, even though their idea of ‘right’ is not always the best option.

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On the topic of feminism in the 60’s it is easy to see how this topic is still very revelant in todays world, even though it is 50 years later. One of the most popular feminist for teens being Emma Watson who we all know very well as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. Going from a big movie industry to an ivy league college, and then to a UK ammbassidor is not a traditional transition away from the lime light, but it is a very strong and monumental step. Many young children look up to her becuase she has made great strides to show that she is not just a pretty face ,but that she is increbibly smart and will not let the fact that there are still men out there who want to push women out of leader position stop her from making an impression on the world. I believe that this modern day feminist has show many women that it is not okay for men to push us around and it does not matter the position they are in, they can still fight against it. There’s also a page on YouTube with a bunch of videos with Watson advocating gender equality. Check it out!

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While on the topic of Black Power I thought about looking up some music from that era and was not let down. MI0002049419

This is a album of a bunch of different music from the black empowerment era, with my new favorite song “Right On” by Earl Deroven and Marvin Gaye that was produced in 1971. I love finding different music and its especially interesting when it has a direct connection to history.

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Throughout the 1900’s the Occult grew into something that people either hated or supported. It was mainly in the 1920’s when the Occult grew becuase of Hollywood growing into a huge creative place. Also because radio began broadcasting commercialy, which means that television shows and movies were talked about and or played on the radio (Hist 378). This seemed to be the era where people were more willing try strage new things that were more out of the box than tradition, much like the Occult. Through the interest of the growing Occult, there was a lot of dislike towards those who supported or participated in the supernatural doings and labeled as “freaks” for their abnormal doings.

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I was sitting in my car eating a yummy bagel when this debate came on the radio over a dress. At first I was really confused becuase they where aruging over what color the dress is….. thats 21st centuey for us. But then I realized its all just different perspectives on what the person sees the dress as, and that is what history essentially is. A bunch of people arguing over whether Abraham Lincoln was shot on the left or the right, with a hat or without. And regarding people seeing that either gold and white or blue and black its just the different tones the eyes pick up. You aren’t crazy for seeibg either one. Well maybe a bit ;).