Hack #6

ba noi

April 30, 1975 was the Fall of Saigon. The Viet Cong were closing in South Vietnam and American helicopters were going back and forth taking more than enough Vietnamese people to their navy ships. This was the day the United States military stopped helping the south. Here, my grandmother is holding the Republic of Vietnam’s flag before the communist changed it to the red flag with the gold star. Today, this is the only flag Vietnamese-Americans associate with. If someone were to hold the communist flag here, from experience, they would be judged and criticized. My family sacrificed so much to receive freedom here in the states and I am forever grateful.

Malala Yousafzai

In lecture, we talked about how feminism was and still is important. Malala Yousafzai is an 18 year old feminist activist fighting for women’s education. Her persevering nature and effort through the arduous struggles she has faced has proved Malala to be one of the strongest feminist figures of today. Between her family receiving death threats and her eventual hospitalization due to Taliban attacks, Malala shows to be a steadfast and enduring activist for women’s rights for education in the middle east. Her story touched the people of Pakistan resulting in the ratification of the Right to Education bill. Her story that lead to tangible change through her acts.


Hack 4


Coachella, where hippies and wannabe hippies gather once a year for a music festival. This music festival occurs in a 3 day weekend in 2 sessions. It is known for having an incredible atmosphere and good music. Like Woodstock, drug and alcohol use is the social norm in that environment. The outrageous fashion sets them into another world, also similar to what is was like back then. ,Instead of the song lyric “When you go to San Francisco, remember to put flowers in your hair.” Now, in today’s day and age, it should be, “when you go to coachella, remember to put flowers in your hair.”

Hack #3


Dr. Putman talked about in his lectures about the atomic bomb. The words “atomic” and “bomb” had such a bad connotation that people needed to create new ways of avoiding the reality. At first, they had three different reactions: anxiety, fear, and elation. It was nerve-racking to think that they could be bombed however, they were happy that it ended the war. Since there was so much fear around it, they had new hopes for it. For example, they believed that it could have positive developments in making in atomic cars and more. The phrase “you’re the bomb” is another way of making Americans feel positive about the atomic bomb.

Hack #2


I’m a film major and my main focus is on camera and lighting. Lighting is essential to films on giving it a themed look.¬†You can arrange the lighting on how you portray your story. Here, we’re using an HMI light diffused by a 6×6 to light an actor walking from the house to the shed. We also used LEDs as fill in lights to the actor’s face.

Through My Lenses


Hermeneutics is defined during Professor Blum’s lecture as “Acknowledging interpretive frameworks; theories of how we make sense of the world.” Through my lenses, technology has rapidly advanced to modern day society. It has consumed our lives forcing us to use it everyday just to get by. For example, to contact people, I had to email them using my laptop and to submit my hack, I had to take a photo with my phone. It is now becoming a life where we are relying on technology excessively.