Hack #6


During the large lecture today in class, Dr. Putman talked about the fall of Saigon in 1975. During my senior year of high school, Eastlake High School put on the play “Miss Saigon”. It was about  an Asian woman who gets abandoned by her lover who was an American Man. This play is also a musical that went on Broadway in 1991.

Hack #5

chicpark4 Today in large lecture, Professor Putman talked about the Chicano Movement. Here in San Diego we have our own Chicano Park in Barrio Logan by the Coronado Bridge. For this specific mural, the people living there wanted their neighborhood to be rezoned. The translation of “Varrio Si, Yonkes No!” is “Neighborhoods yes, junkyards no!” The people wanted the junkyards to be moved so they could keep their neighborhoods clean from car parts falling into their backyards.

Essay Topic

In my essay I will be talking about Bob Marley and how he wanted to bring peace into our world through his music. In America, Africans wanted to change the way culture was seen in the United States. Even though in the 1960s federal laws were passed to help end racism, it still occurred due to people’s beliefs. African American Activism was a movement that wanted to change the way America looked at their nation with laws that didn’t discriminate against skin color. (Schultz, 482) Bob Marley wanted to unite everyone with his music. Marley wanted to reach salvation through love and unite all of humankind as one despite race and ethnicity.