Micro essay/ macro hack


          Hiroshima, a Japanese City on which our first atomic bomb was dropped, killed about 50% of the 350,000 people estimated to have been there at the time. Aside from deaths, there were many injured people damaged by the bomb, or by its atomic heat rays. This photograph was taken by the U.S. Army about one hour after the dropping of the bomb. I searched for it through the engine source of google images, typing in “bombing of Hiroshima”, which lead me to click on the following url to aquire more information about it: http://www.english.illinois.edu/maps/poets/g_l/levine/bombing.htm.             The size of the image is 499 x 348; 63.2 kb; it is a GIF image (.gif). It looks pixelated, it contains many forms of dots on it as if it were scanned and enlarged. However, it is a replica of the original image, which was taken in air about 80km away of the Inland Sea. Even though the image is pixelated, it is clear; the atomic cloud caused by the bomb, “Little Boy”, is seen clearly as well as where it spread. The image was taken to capture the effects of the new, deadly weapon the U.S. had created and used upon humans in war. It portrayed only the truth of what we had done to a city. I chose this image to discuss my topic since it was taken the very day of the drop of the bomb, the accuracy of the cloud created could not be more exact. Many people were injured, and many others died as outcome of this. The topic of my discussion came to mind as I watched a series of “Bones” where a man created his own bombs to attack the U.S. It reminded me of how we were the first to use such a weapon and over the years, enemies have created weapons of their own. Hopefully we never experience what the people in Hiroshima experienced on August 6, 1945.

Hack #6

Talking about black power and Malcolm X’s influences, I thought about WHY he was such a great influence upon the people of his time, and still, today. I came up with how he had experienced segregation his whole life, how he was fed up with it as others were, and he had new strategies of self defense. He looked out for himself and his people, he wanted definite equality for all, and he was going to do whatever it took to be treated as human. His vast knowledge and the way he talked went hand-in-hand. Malcolm was a leader, a new kind of leader that took matters into his own hands.

Feminism Today 


There are many different icons in today’s society that influence and enhance the idea of feminism. Beyoncé, a great artist who inspires many many young women and men today, is an example. She helps define feminism as an idea of social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Her point succeeds as she demonstrates the greatness women can achieve, the same as men. A lot of many other artists and inspirers in the world create great impact upon the youth of today’s culture, spreading the feminist idea positively. 

Hack #1 -Josselyn


During the weekend I spent some time at my friend’s house where we relaxed listening to old records in her bedroom. Her record player caught my attention since I have noticed that they are becoming more and more popular today. The phonograph was invented by Thomas A. Edison in 1877. Emile Berliner invented the first record. The first commercially available stereo recordings were produced in 1957. Such a cool history is becoming more popular in today’s music playing culture.