Revolution: microessay/MACROHACKS
Late in the semester of Spring 2015, Linnea created a new assignment inspired by HACKS to incorporate heavier writing skills that demanded Historical knowledge and a demonstration of Digital Humanities analyzation of images. Students in H110 Section 1 & 2 HACKed their own syllabus and voted unanimously to have a new digital assignment to replace a Clicker Quiz (multiple choice) that they had taken earlier in the semester in large lecture. The new assignment, microessay/MACROHACK, named (yelled out) by Linnea’s student Ryan Stamper in Section 1, incorporated the [deFormance] values instilled in the original HACKS and combined a 350 word essay to accompany the digital piece. These assignments were posted digitally to the class blog, and open for comments and insight from other classmates. This assignment was an opportunity to showcase deeper perspectives that were already explored in longer essay assignments, and, most often, a chance to explore something totally new in the historical context of the class, inspired by a media examination by the student.

These Digital Learning Activities can be found throughout the posts on the H110 Blog archive.

MicroEssayMACRO Hack Instructions

Click on Image to Visit this microessay/MACROHACK

Click on Image to Visit this microessay/MACROHACK

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