HACKING the Historical Narrative


Welcome to the archive of History 110 Spring 2015, Sections 1 and 2 at San Diego State University. This website served as the communal platform for uploading digital learning activities such as HACKS (digital learning activities) and microessay/MACROHACKS. This was also a place to comment, tag, and share expression on posted work, a platform to present and lead class discussions as well as  the home page to each group’s own website from each section.

As this repository is updated, student testimonials, projects, and interactive syllabi created from H110.1 will be available to access.

Hack! Christine O’Donnell

H110-Section 1


I saw this Mayan calendar used as decoration on the wall while I was grocery shopping at Ralph’s on El Cajon blvd. Although it is only meant to be wall art, it is a good example of how history haunts us when you think about how this calendar foresaw famine and natural disasters during the projected end of the world in 2012! photo