Hack #6

On the topic of feminism in the 60’s it is easy to see how this topic is still very revelant in todays world, even though it is 50 years later. One of the most popular feminist for teens being Emma Watson who we all know very well as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. Going from a big movie industry to an ivy league college, and then to a UK ammbassidor is not a traditional transition away from the lime light, but it is a very strong and monumental step. Many young children look up to her becuase she has made great strides to show that she is not just a pretty face ,but that she is increbibly smart and will not let the fact that there are still men out there who want to push women out of leader position stop her from making an impression on the world. I believe that this modern day feminist has show many women that it is not okay for men to push us around and it does not matter the position they are in, they can still fight against it. There’s also a page on YouTube with a bunch of videos with Watson advocating gender equality. Check it out!

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