Hack 5 I’ve Been Hacked

This weeks hack went to a game that has in a sense hacked my life on almost a daily basis. Triviacrack is a game I downloaded a few months ago and it quizzes you on different categories, one of them being history. You play friends and can see what answer they chose. It allows you to make fun of them for being dumb and not knowing a simple question or actually be that person. A few days ago I received a question about Malcolm X. My friend had said his name was Martin X and so I took the question to the chat room where I called her out for thinking that was his name. This reminded me of Professor Putnam’s discussions. The Malcolm X part yes, but more the fact that when she dismissed herself for getting the answer wrong she said “I don’t need to conform with the social standards of school maaan” which connected to his lecture on the hippies.
history idk

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