Does it ever blow your mind how history repeats itself, and manages to stay current in time and relevant? In lecture Prof. Blum had mentioned cartoons being a gateway for promotional ads to sell a product; or to appeal an idea to the mass audience. We have all heard of a show called Modern Family, and have grown to love the homosexual couple (Cam, and Mitchell), while it isn’s a cartoon it is still on TV. You see sitcoms introducing a new way of life that is becoming accepted and legal. The fight to make a gay/homosexual family or couple a modern thing was no easy task (Seriously Obama began supporting Gays outright on May 9th 2012). It has been an on going battle probably since the beginning of time (not literally). My point is, if you want America to get used to something… like seeing gay couples, TV seems to be the best way. And to think this all started with a light bulb…..

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