Hack #6- Coming Out As Gay

I was talking to an indivual today and our conversation got me thinking about our ideas and the lack our of mental block removal methods. I am not sure if I agree with the term “coming out”- why did we (we being society) make someone feel like they had to hide. The gay community, like many other communities just want to get the main point of understanding across. The main point here is that it is their right to be different than what we consider normal. It is in fact a fundamental human right. Gays are humans too! Like, come the fuck on people. I don’t have to come out as Black… do I? Why does someone need to explain or tell you how they are born. Or fight for the right to be embraced as they are made? I think it is time we dismiss this idea of gay indiviuals needing to come out. I think dumb people need to do the broadcasting, they are the ones that need to be treated differently.



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