Hack #5 – Is Feminism still relevant….

Nowadays, it is so easy to dismiss the need for feminist because all of the ‘big issues’ have been settled with, but there is still so much discrimination against women out there. Today in section Linnea brought up the idea of women, and what if that idea didn’t exist (the title). Yet- what if we just went by who we are not what we are. Since the 60’s women in America have been fighting to become equal, especially after decades of proving themselves of equal standards to men. However, I look around me today and wonder…is history unraveling itself? Do women still want these rights? The right to be more than a sex object. Instead of embracing our bodies as a sex tool we should be thankful. Because of the bra burning feminist fighting for rights we now get to enjoy the gains of the feminist movement. These include but are not limited to: women’s equal access to education, their increased participation in politics and the workplace, their access to abortion and birth control (Umm, hell yeah!), the existence of resources to aid domestic violence and rape victims, and the legal protection of women’s rights . While some of these are taken for granted, we should be grateful for our sisters in History!



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