Hack #5

After talking and listening to a lot of discussion regarding feminism in the 60’s today in class, I decided to do a little research on what feminism looks like today. I was pleasantly surprised to come across the Red Umbrella Fund website. Basically it is a global fund created by sex workers for sex workers with the goal to achieve the same rights as people who work in any other field. I recall Linnea saying something about how sex workers can also be feminists, that using your body as your empowerment does not mean you are degrading yourself. This fund also creates grants for organizations that seek the same equality with similar interests in helping sex workers. Its a great example of how far feminism has come and how it wont stop anytime soon. They also created an International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Its a day that is celebrated in memory of all the sex workers that have been murdered due to their profession. During this day many clinics hold workshops for self defense and survival.



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