Hack #1- 1920’s-You keep the baby, I will take the job.

Say hello to the 1920’s ladies and gentlemen. In lecture we went over the 19th Amendment and how it allowed women to be in charge of their lives. Ladies this was OUR time, we had HUGE movements occurring: voting rights, women being entered into the work force, but what stuck out to me was the birth control steps. Before, women were bound to take care of the children, medicine back then wasn’t informed enough to make the “pull out” method effective. Women got to have a say on whether they were ready and willing to have children. Moving to now, women have the same rights as men do, if we want a fun night we have a way to protect ourselves! Side note….you still should use a condom because well…babies aren’t the only thing you can catch ;). Keep it classy San Diego!

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