This is a picture of a woman in history who has changed many lives, inspired many and has done more with her life than I could even imagine. Although she is not famous she is well known in her own little town and community. Born on June 14th 1961 into true poverty, she lived a hard life till about 13 years old, then an even bigger struggle came her way when her mother suddenly passed away of a heart attack. With her father never in the picture she was moved from home to home, her and her siblings were all separated, abused, neglected, and starved along the way. She rebelled and ran away from many homes and would find herself homeless and getting into things that put her life in danger. But April of 1979 this photo was taken as a remembrance that she would beat the odds and prove everyone wrong, she would graduate high school and go onto get her college degree. This is a high school year book picture from Cordova High School, there was no digital copy so my picture is a picture of a picture, the original is a 5 x 7 print out taken by the photographers at the school and then I took a picture it and now it is a 837 MB picture on my computer. Believe it or not the picture is actually in great condition but the color scheme is a little different from what we are used to seeing in school pictures today. I chose this picture because it is actually a picture of my beautiful mother. Although some would say that she is just an ordinary individual to me she is far more. Without even knowing she has made history, by graduating high school she was able to go onto college and from college she was able to find a a job where she met my dad. of course she married him and now me and my siblings are here. She has been the foundation for many achievements in life for me and my eight siblings, who knows she could be the mother of a potential US president or big shot, without even knowing it we are history. Throughout this class we have learned to look at things from a different perspective and we have seen how history develops because of small details playing into a bigger picture. That’s how I feel about my mom and the role she plans in our history, she has made many small pieces come together to form our future.

IMG_2865 (2)

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