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UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1754: The My Lai Massacre, the mass murder of 347 to 504 unarmed citizens of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam), almost entirely civilians and the majority of them women and children, perpetrated by US Army forces on March 16 1968. Bodies of some of the victims lying along a road. (Photo by Universal History Archive/Getty Images)

This is an image taken that showed the after events of the My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War in 1968. It is a photograph that was originally taken by an army photographer named Ron Haeberle on the same day the massacre. The events of the massacre were unknown until the media published his photographs in November the following year.This image would later be published in publications such as LIFE Magazine a month later. I acquired this image as a 37.2 KB JPG image through an online article on the NYPost that detailed the incident.

The My Lai massacre was an event in which U.S. troops marched into the village and slaughtered 504 unarmed Vietnamese civilians on March 16, 1968. This image shows a mass amount of dead bodies on a small village road, i believe the intent of the photo was to document and show the brutality of what had occurred, even though the company the photographer was in was told it was due to the actions of the Viet Cong who were retreating from another battlefield. The incident would later cause antiwar sentiment on the home-front to increase because of not only the atrocities but because high ranking officers tried to cover up what had happened. Due to the event, the people in the U.S. and army soldiers began to wonder what other atrocities high-ranking officers were trying to conceal, dividing the people on their opinion on U.S. involvement on Vietnamese soil.

The condition of the image is remarkable, it reflects how the image first  appeared over 4.5 decades ago. Though it may be due to online documentation of the image. I don’t believe this image holds any modern context, as it is merely a documentation of what had happened. But i believe it still holds the feelings it was meant to portray when you look at it. My search criteria was images of the My Lai Massacre. I chose this image to represent my topic because it was an event that showed the brutality on the U.S. side. The Vietnam war was painted as good(us) vs evil(them), but with the events of this massacre brought to light, we can see that that’s not always the case.

-Nick Thips-

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