Hack 6

This week in lecture Professor Putman discussed the Watergate scandal and how it forced Nixon to eventually resign, instead of impeachment during the 70’s. Directly in Professor Putman’s Powerpoint slide he says the significance of Watergate was the “widening gap of mistrust in the government”. I feel that there is also a gap today that is widening between the police force and citizens, especially because of what has been shown on the news the past few weeks. The “suspicious” death of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore man who died of a spinal injury in police custody has recently caught everyone’s attention, and suddenly the masses are starting to retaliate against the police forces, definitely widening the gap between the police (and government) force and the citizens of the cities, and ultimately the United States. Also, because of social media exaggerating every aspect of what is told in the news, many people are misinformed, like myself, and have to research what is actually occurring without being informed from a one-sided perspective.


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