Hack #6 The White House

I recently came across this group photo in front of the White House from my class trip to Washington D.C. in 8th grade. It got me thinking about the rich history the White House holds. After looking into it further, I found out that the location of the White House was selected to be in Washington D.C. in 1792 by George Washington. It was under construction for 8 years before President John Adams became the first tenant to live there. The White House was actually burned down during the war of 1812 by the British and had to be rebuilt. President Teddy Roosevelt and President Truman both oversaw renovations to the house, and the oval office was constructed during the presidency of President Taft. Every president since John Adams has lived in this house,and I find it fascinating that I am still able to visit this historical landmark in the 2000’s even though it’s been around since the 1700s.


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