Macro/Micro Hack Essay


This is the Time Magazine cover that was published on May 11, 2015. The date when the original photograph was taken is not exactly known, but it was during the escalation of the Baltimore protests in late April. I saw it while I was scrolling through the “Baltimore Uprising” tag on tumblr when the riots escalated at this time. The protests were in response to the death of Freddie Gray who died of a spinal injury after being taken into custody by the police. I acquired this picture from the actual Time website and also included the original photo. The image on the left is the finished product of Time Magazine and the photograph on the right is the original photo. The final image that was used for the magazine cover cuts the original photo in half. By crossing out 1968 and replacing it with a red 2015 suggests to the audience that history is repeating itself and that nothing has really changed in over fifty years. It was created and published on the cover of this magazine because this is the time that history is being made. I feel like this is the intent of the image in that this lack of progression needs to end now. The fact that this image was published by Time Magazine ensures that it will be seen by a lot of people and that the message will be spread. I was able to see this image on an entirely different channel of social media which indicates to me that I was only one of thousands if not millions to have seen this image and felt its impact. Also, by making it black and white it reminds people of the protests in the 1960s which were also photographed in black and white. It connects what is happening now to what was happening fifty years ago and makes the viewers feel sad and angry. I feel like with a reaction like this that the people will feel encouraged to continue fighting until justice is served just as in the 1960s with the Voting Rights Act or the success in the Browder v. Gayle case which ruled Alabama’s racial segregation on buses unconstitutional. The imade was photographed and created this year, but refers the viewer back in time to the Civil Rights Movement. It is a simple yet powerful image.
The condition of the image is clear and comprehensible. The format of this picture (magazine cover) is in JPG format and the size is 86 KB. The photographer of the original photo, Devin Allen, is a protestor who took this picture during one of the demonstrations. David Von Drehle is the author who wrote the article on this image that was published on the Time Magazine website. The image was taken and created in modern day, but the way that it looks is supposed to resemble similar protests from the late 1960s. My search criteria was Google after I had seen this on the “Baltimore Uprising” tag on tumblr, as I said previously.
I chose this image because of how relevant it is to the history that is developing now. I wrote my essay on how the media influenced the population during the Vietnam era which was also during the Civil Rights Movement. I have always been fascinated with this time period because of how the entire nation was, in one way or another, a part of one or a few movements such as the anti-war effort or the Civil Rights Movement. I have always been incredibly intrigued at how an entire population of people can come together and fight for a cause that they so passionately believe in. I also feel like my generation, with all of our social media and activism, are almost repeating history, but actually have the ability to change it so that it does not have to be repeated again. Already in my lifetime, the first African American president was elected into office and possibly even the first woman president in 2016. Events like these are truly the ones that make history and I am very excited to be a part of it and see if real change will happen.

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