Macro essay

This picture is a photograph and it shows a Ford T model, the most popular car in the 1920’s and also a symbol for the consumer society at that time. The format is .JPG and its size is about 233 KB, which is typical for pictures of this kind of quality. The authors name is Rodney and the picture was taken for a webpage that shows several different types of T models in different angels or in action. The intent of that website is to create a smile in the faces of car lovers and people that care about the history of cars, and especially cars that were built by Ford. The date when the picture was created is unknown to me since there is no date given and since the picture has a really good quality, it is hard to estimate. It was taken in black and white, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it was taken before colored pictures were invented, since there are multiple computer programs that could change a colored picture into a black and white picture and the other way around. However, I assume that it was published in 2013; the same year the related YouTube clip of a Ford T model on the website was published (in case, here is the link for the YouTube clip:

Nevertheless, I would say that this picture has a great quality and an excellent condition. Furthermore, the black and white colored style of the picture makes it even more attractive and more connected to the 1920’s. I’m pretty sure that this picture was created after the time period of the 1920s and the consumer society, because otherwise the condition of the photograph would be way worse. In addition, I would say that this picture possesses a modern context, since the production line of the Ford T model changed everything and is still affecting the production of cars nowadays.

I found this picture on Google, since Google has the biggest database of pictures in the Internet. The reason why I chose this photograph is that Henry Ford, a business man, owner and creator of the Ford car Company, and his genius idea of raising the salary of his workers in order to win them as a customer as well fascinated me. Furthermore, he invented the production line, where a worker had only one responsibility in the whole production chain of the car, which gave Ford the opportunity to produce his cars faster than ever before. Additionally, in my perspective, his inventions changed, developed and shaped the economic process of the whole country and maybe the whole world, since his techniques are still in use in some industries all over the world. Therefore it was easy for me to choose this picture, because I was fascinated by Ford and the T model, since we talked about him in our small section. I also presented about the consumer society in the 1920’ s, which ended in 1929 with the stock market crash, as discussion leader in the small section. The 1920’s were called consumer society, because a majority of goods were bought on credit and many products, like cars, became available to a broad spectrum of individuals from different layers in the society.

Again, Henry Ford and his ideas to improve the production and profitability of the company amazed me and therefore I chose this picture, because I wanted to write about him and the T model.


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