Macro Hack


This is a photo of the March for Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in New York in 1970. To find this image, I google searched “feminism” and found this among many others that were somewhat similar. When I chose the image, it took me to a blog called Direct Action Everywhere, which deals with and discusses different social issues. It is a PDF that was probably scanned in and put on the Internet at some point. This site is not the original source of the image, but I did discover that it was taken by a man named Bob Adelman in 1970. This image, along with the many others that were taken of this march, were used to promote and spread the women’s liberation movement. By getting the word out and showing people what they were fighting for, the movement was able to gain more momentum and support throughout the country.

The image was both taken and released in 1970. I believe it was important for it to be released as soon as possible in order to quickly rally support for such an important cause. Many people did not understand the movement and had misconceptions about what these women were fighting for. Even today feminism is misconstrued as a man-hating movement, however, this could not be further from the truth. The goals of this march and the movement as a whole were to bring women up to the same level as men, not pull men down to the same level as women. The sign in this image that states, “Women of the world unite,” is a call to women everywhere, not just in America, to band together and demand their equality. These women knew that inequality was not just an issue they were dealing with, but something women everywhere were facing and continue to face today.

I chose this subject to find an image of because it is not just a social issue that was dealt with in the past, it’s a fight that is still happening today. It’s relevant to the present and is an issue that I believe everyone should be educated on in order to understand and help find a solution.

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