Jim Morrison and the media

This photograph of Jim Morrison was taken on July 3, 1981 by photographer Joel Brodsky. Since then it has been pixilated into a JPG sized 2.8 mb and can be found via google.com and is published on the Doors website:


In the article associated with this picture, Brodsky explains that he “always thought it was sort of funny that the pictures of Morrison from that session were the most used. Jim was totally plastered.” While this picture represents “Jim…[as] the sex symbol and an important visual focus for the band ”; in an era where counter culture America was taking over, these pictures personified the counter culture’s sexuality and free spirit.
This picture was selected to illustrate a shift in American history. As much as mass media and the Vietnam War or mass media and presidential elections played a part in changing the nation’s culture; the counter culture played off the media to extend their popularity.
With a generation rejecting 50s norms and values, expressing ones sexuality became much more acceptable. I like this picture because it glorifies Jim Morrison as a male sex symbol. Previously sexuality was much more subdued. This picture targets the counter culture generation and mainstream America by putting Jim in your face. I like to think that Morrison had no intent on becoming so idolized. After all, Brodsky said “Morrison never really looked that way again, and those pictures have become a big part of The Doors’ legend. I think I got him at his peak”. Before the technology to capture such clear and detailed photos, along with ability to mass distribute records and the convenience of being able to play these records in ones home, people were forced to make their decisions on a different criteria Today parallels can be seen in mainstream media. Sex sells; and many new up and coming, as well as well known artists play off their good looks to sell records. However, those not picked up, for one reason or another, by companies who can further market them, struggle to make a name for them. This highlights the argument that cultures will change with changes in technology.


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