Hack #6

We didn’t talk much about dress codes in lecture recently, but due to the heat I thought it acceptable to bring it up. Today I stumbled upon a post of a 5 year old girl being dress coded for her tank top maxi dress because it was “distracting”. Keep in mind she is 5 years old, the schools have implemented dress codes to keep girls mainly from distracting male students and faculty which I find to be extremely sexist. At my old school shorts had to be at finger tip length, which first off is not very fashionable and completely unfair. With dress codes come the fantastic part of having to change into gym clothes if you could not follow the codes. This not only is embarrassing, but is a form of slut shaming the young women. It is understandable if a young lady is dressed completely inappropriate, but being dress coded for shorts and a tank is beyond ridiculous. Dressing is a form of expression and is very important to our youth. And dress coding a five year old is absolutely absurd.

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