Hack #6

When watching the clip of “All in the Family” in lecture today, I immediately drew connections to a show that has been on TV more recently, “Last Man Standing”. They both feature patriarchs from white, middle class families who possess fervently conservative political views. One thing that stuck out for me however is that, as Professor Putman pointed out, Archie Bunker’s political views were usually framed as narrow-minded and sometimes even offensive while Mike Baxter is usually (though not always) portrayed as being on the right side even when it is a bit over the top. It seems like rather than accidentally playing to the “unheard majority” like Archie did, Mike Baxter’s character purposely caters to the far right viewers who view themselves like the conservatives of the 70s. They fear their values are under attack by new liberal ideas and are searching for people – or characters – who share them.

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