Hack # 5 Feminism


This picture shows Alice Schwarzer, she is the most famous feminist in Germany and publisher of the magazine EMMA, which is a magazine for women.

I just read an article about her not paying taxes, which took her some credibility. Nonetheless, she established the feminism movement in Germany in the 1970’s. Her main topic was the abortion and the tremendous pressure that women have to deal with since it was not legalized at that time. However she fought for the legalization and was successful.

Another topic of her movement was the position of women in the society and equal rights. Since men had way more chances to get a good job and to get paid a better salary. However there is a big discussion going on right now about having a fixed percentage of women in leader positions, which i think is not a good idea since leader positions should be given to persons who are leaders and earned it to be in that position , which has nothing to do with gender.

Since we talked about feminism in the lecture, I think that the feminism movement has achieved a lot in the last decades but there is still too much inequality in easter countries, where more woman like Malala are needed to raise awareness of the situation in order to change it.

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