Hack#5- The remnants of the Vietnam War: Agent Orange

I was reading the news on a website called Al-Jazeera when I stumbled upon a photo gallery. It was of children who carried birth defects due to a chemical used in the Vietnam War: Agent Orange. It was very graphic and was tough to see but really highlighted how, to this day, the citizens of Vietnam still feel the affects of the Vietnam War. Agent Orange was a chemical used during the Vietnam War to clear forests and destroy vegetation. The objective was to use the chemical to clear any forests and jungles who may be hiding enemy soldiers. After the war ended, many U.S. veterans who served in Vietnam and were exposed to the chemical suffered from diseases like cancer. It was at this point that it was shown that the chemical had very long lasting and very unhealthy affects on those who were exposed to it. In the United States, many veterans who were affected by the chemical sued the government and were able to receive compensation for their maladies. The Vietnamese however, were not able to receive any compensation and to this day, three generations later, still suffer from diseases like cancer and birth defects due to this chemical.


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