Hack #5


This picture represents how feminism has empowered the fight against rape. Instead of “Don’t get raped”, a phrase directed at women in the past, we should change it to “Don’t rape” to address the men or the rapist. As a society, we should shift the blame from women to men and place more responsibility onto the rapist in order to discourage sexual assault. From the 6th grade, girl’s and women’s dress code is tailored to the benefit of men. Everything we do is centered around the needs of men, which is a huge issue pertaining to rape culture. Women are afraid to speak up in fear of getting blamed as so many women have been. Take back the night marches and “walk a mile in her shoes” are orchestrated to turn the blame from the victim to the rapist. Just as the feminist movement of the 70’s changed women’s role in society, this movement against sexual assault will change life as we know it.

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