Micro Essay/ Macro Hack – August 14, 1945


The orignal photo that was published on the cover of TIME LIFE magazine in 1945


The famous image recreated into a statue which is located in the harbor of San Diego, CA

This photo was taken on August 14, 1945 which is V-J Day and is truly an iconic picture of the ending of World War II. The image was originally taken by Alfred Eisentaedt and was published on the cover of TIME magazine. This image symbolizes this time period for many people today, the war was over and couples were reuniting together. This shows the excitement from triumph and victory that America had achieved over the Japanese after fighting for almost a half of a decade. Due to the excitement and happiness from the Japanese surrendering and the war coming to an end this couple celebrated by kissing in this very iconic photo. This photo was not taken with a purpose someone was just able to capture this moment which expressed so much more than just a kiss. It showed the true all American couple the nurse and the sailor expressing their excitement in a very personal manner. This picture was taken for the purpose of showing the true excitement for American. The image is only 1545 x 2048MB but has been reproduced countless number of times and is available in multiple sizes. The image possess a modern context of the war ending and reuniting loved ones. Today you can see it on many young military couple’s social media pages as it truly represents the young couple getting back together post war. One can now find young and old military couples reenacting this image in front of the statue in San Diego California.  I found this image on Google by searching for Time magazine sailor kissing nurse I knew I wanted to use this image because it is so iconic in the 20th century and it is an image that everyone has seen at least once. This image reminds me more than just the ending of World War II and couples and families being able to rejoice in the fact that their loved ones were coming home and the war was over. It truly reminds me of my own family my grandmother was a nurse and my grandfather a sailor who fought in World War II and the struggle my grandmother must have faced as her husband was gone to war and raising their children. It reminds me how I have felt in my past waiting for a friend or family member to return home from Afghanistan. This image is truly the image of homecoming and war ending and has been for the past seventy years. This image has tried to be replicated time and time again there are statues here in San Diego of this image but this image is truly historic and cannot be replaced. There has been a lot of historic events that have come after this one but none will truly compare to this day seventy years ago.

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