Today during large lecture and small section was all about feminism in the 60’s. As Professor Putnam was lecturing about The Feminine Mystique and since our group discussion question was about it, I decided to research a little bit more. I think that it’s very interesting how she write about sad women, and most other women agreed and felt the same. It was also really interesting how the book brought the women together. I ended up finsing this article on the book, 4 Big Problems with “The Feminine Mystique”. The first thing they addressed is how Friedan was racist. A black feminist actually wrote a book in response to Friedan’s book and the author of the book has a good point in saying that Friedan did not mention who the maids, babysitters, clerks, or factory workers would most likely be. There are several other problems that the author of this article saw, but I found the racism one to be most interesting since it was during the period of time where there was going to be change for women as well as black people. http://www.theatlantic.com/sexes/archive/2013/02/4-big-problems-with-the-feminine-mystique/273069/

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