Hack #1

Over the weekend I watched a TV show on Comedy Central called, “The Nightly” hosted by Larry Wilmore.  As I watched the show, Wilmore and his guest stars discussed serious issues which very much related to topics brought up in History 110 lecture thus far.  The first clip references normalities and fertitlity rates in the 20th century. While the second clip shows a discussion about superclasses in America and oppression throughout the centuries.  The third clip shows Penn Jillette stating that “statistics say, the more women in society and the more women in power, the more peace and the less violence you have.”

As I referenced topics talked about in lecture to this TV show, I began to realize the significance of the clip with Penn Jillette.  As Professor Blum had just recently discussed the childish and savage-like behavior of our government in the past. The Department of Defense was created after both World Wars, in order to have a place that essentially supplies artillery and in return, deaths.  The etymology of the word “defense” in this case is used in the opposite context. All this because of the assassination of an Austrian archduke?   Which in the end created the question, what would foreign relations be like if more women were in power?


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