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With the recent riots in Baltimore overtaking all discussions and social media, I became interested in other events around that world where social unrest have caused turmoil. In the picture shown above, taken by Oded Balilty of the Associated Press 2006, we can see a single Jewish settler challenging Israeli security officers during clashes that erupted as authorities cleared the West Bank settlement of Amona, east of the Palestinian town of Ramallah. Thousands of troops in riot gear and on horseback contended with hundreds of stone-throwing Jewish settlers living in this illegal West Bank outpost after Israel’s Supreme Court cleared the way of demolition of nine homes at the site.  Balility’s photo from this incident were so influential, that it resulted in him winning a Pulitzer Prize in 2007.

The powerful images captured by Oded Balilty are crucial in depicting the oppression and injustices going on not only in the United States, but as well as around the world. His images, although heart-wrenching, provide an eye opening view on important issues that many are blind to. The media now strays away from the real problems at hand, and for the most part, only airs images which give its audiences a false sense of security.

The photo was found when searching in the Google search bar “tragic photos in history”.  Although, not the original picture which I believe is on the official Associated Press website, it is still a very clear picture and was 500 x 350 megapixels.

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