MACRO Hack: Equal Rights and Martin Luther King Jr.

This image can be found from, specifically This is a photograph of Martin Luther King Jr. during his “I have a dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. This image is 550 by 375 in size, but there are other sizes that this image can be found as. The format it is in is jpg. On, they use the source Getty. After looking through a couple images, I found this one on which photo credits AFP/stringer. This can be found at The image is pretty clear, except for the crowd’s faces and the trees in the far back. This is something that many pictures would have to have, too because there are so many people in the crowd and the trees are very far away. This photo is in black and white. They might not have had color printers back then, or if they did, it might have been too expensive. Another reason why this picture could be in black and white is because maybe it came from a newspaper article.

Before searching anything on Google to find an image, I looked through HIST to see if there were any images that I wanted to write about. I came across an image of Martin Luther King Jr. giving his speech. That image is somewhat similar to this image, but the one in the book is in color and more cropped. Once I saw this image, I decided that I wanted to use it for my MACRO hack, so I searched up “Martin Luther King Jr. Famous Speech” in Google Images, and I found this picture.

There is no specific date that tells when this photo was taken. However, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech on August 28, 1963. Assuming that this photo was taken on that day, it was probably produced for newspapers and such within the next week of September 4. Looking at this article, there is a similar image to the one I found, but it is a different angle It says that the picture they found was taken “One Day in 1963.” This is the most specific thing I can find about the date of this image. I am highly positive that it was taken on August 28, 1963, but I do not know when it was posted online.

The purpose of this image is probably to mark and remember the time when Martin Luther King Jr. gave an iconic speech. The speech that he gave prompted the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This picture seems like it would most likely be on a newspaper article. This image shows some of the many supporters that Martin Luther King Jr. had at that time.

The reason why I chose this image is because of the racism many people had to go through. I absolutely hate racism, and I have strong feelings about it. Whenever reading history about it, it upsets me. However, seeing an image like this is inspiring. Martin Luther King Jr. is inspiring. This photo exemplifies how much support one person can get if many people work together to get to one goal. In this case, many people are supporting Martin Luther King Jr. for equal rights for the African American/black people. There are obviously hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people supporting Martin Luther King Jr. That just shows how powerful he is and how much the people want change. Looking at the image again, I get shivers and chills. I get them because when you look to the distance, you can still tell that there are still people. You can’t tell when there aren’t any people.

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