Macro Hack

This image can originally be found in the movie “The Butler”, which came out in 2013. However this exact image was found at This snap from the film is 250 x 239 in size -there are a variety of other sizes- and was one of the first images to pop up when I typed in “black panther movement”. Andrew Dunn, the cinematographer for the film captured this strong image and created a powerful portrayal of the black panther movement and the strength of an African American woman during this incredible time in American history.

This particular image was added to the blog I discovered it on about a year and five months ago, and since then has gained 1,898 notes. It was originally seen in theaters and by all in 2013 when the film was released. The image is in good condition as it was originally on film and is very clear. It is drastically shrunk in size in comparison to other clips. This image is created as a remake to try and capture the intensity of those that were associated with the black panther movement and to fully capture the power and intense emotion of the 60’s-70’s. If this photo were to have been an original it would have been less clear as the cameras were not as technologically advanced as the one of today.

I chose this image to represent my discussion topics because I found that it showed so much power and intensity. With a woman placed in the middle holding the hand gun it demonstrated the equality of power amongst members of the black panther party and the respect they had for women that would stand up and fight for what they believed to be right. The men in the picture are shown with no smiles, but with serious faces and fists in the air, a major symbol for black power during this time. This image captured the severity of this movement as it made a shift from those protecting black communities from police brutality to a movement of over 2,000 followers in support of a Marxist revolutionary group supporting black liberation and power.

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