Macro Hack


I found this picture and article off I google searched Playboy’s first iconic magazine cover. I knew this magazine was quite scandalous at the time and I wanted to learn a little more about Marilyn Monroe and her image portrayed in this time period. This image is clearly scanned off this initial magazine and I have it in PDF form. The condition is clear due to the fact it’s been copied and scanned. An original would be expected to be worn out due to time. The size of this image is 95.8 KB and the dimensions are 570 x 786.
This image of her waving her hand was an original from Playboy in December of 1953 but the nude inside centerfold was purchased from a local printer who made calendars. A fun fact about this first edition is that it doesn’t have a date on the cover because he didn’t think there would be a second edition. That quickly changed after he sold 54,175 at 50c each. This edition is also the only one without Hugh Hefner’s name inside. The intent of the image is as stated, for the entertainment of men. Hefner joked about if a woman had picked it up that she should find the nearest male and simply hand it over because there was nothing she would want from such type of magazine. What seemed to be a simple magazine full of girls turned this young man’s life around and his company exploded with profit and success. He spawned a sexual revolution and no imitator has compared to this classic.
I chose this image due to a recent conversation I’ve had on the image of women today. The discussion revolved around how men tend to have a love-hate relationship with women who confidently portray their sexuality. They love looking but hate that they reveal everything right away. They love the confidence but see them as “easy.” I find the current trend contradicting and decided to research the beginning of one of America’s most prized lifestyle and entertainment magazines.

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