It’s crazy to think about how far America has come with the acceptance of differences. The 1960’s were a crucial time for minorities in America, with many groups of brave activists stepping up to gain their rights as American citizens. From the African American movement to the feminist movement, people have gained the powers that should have been theirs from the beginning, such as the right to vote and having a position in the workplace. However, though there has been much improvement over the years, it is sad to see controversies over commercials such as this General Mills Cheerios commercial published in 2013 I found on I remember seeing this commercial on the air a few months ago and thinking nothing of it. There is nothing different about it really; a young girl pours Cheerios on her dad’s heart after confirming with her mom that they are “heart-healthy”. In essence, this is just a sweet, family-oriented commercial that Cheerios was using to promote their product; however, there were many people who couldn’t get past the fact that the family was an inter-racial family. People were commenting negative comments beneath the video on YouTube, like that this commercial was unbelievable because “a black dad wouldn’t stay with his family”, that they felt disgusted watching it, and other racist remarks. Eventually Cheerios had to disable the commenting underneath the video because the comments were so degrading and hurtful, but refused to pull the ad. I’m shocked that there are still so many people who can only see life in black and white. This is just one example of how racism still exists today. Though leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., the Black Panthers, and Rosa Parks helped gain the rights deserved for the African American people, there is still a long way to go until we can claim that all Americans are considered equal in everyone’s eyes. I chose this video because I think that we need more commercials such as this one to air because the more often inter-racial couples are seen, the more accepting people will be.

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