Hack #6

The Baltimore riots that occurred on Monday were on the news everywhere and very highly publicized. The death of a Black man named Freddie Grey at the hands of police caused outrage and made thousands of people hit the streets in protest, seeking justice for Freddie. I immediate saw the connection between the movements that were going on in the 60’s and 70’s that Dr. Putnam has talked about in lecture to those going on today: the image below, put on the cover for Time magazine, alludes to this and immediately got me thinking about lecture. It points out that even though we like to think about American Society today as a post-racial one, it is an incorrect assumption.Yet, today it was announced that the six officers involved in Freddie’s death would be prosecuted, something not usually done in cases like these. Is this a new step in the right direction? are we finally going to come to terms with our racist society and do something about it? Only time will tell, but the prosecutions announced today are welcomed step in the right direction.


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