Woodstock V. Coachella

1969: the year of sex, drugs, peace and music.  This was also the year of Woodstock, a 3 day music festival set to appreciate the world, other people, music, and overall life.  During this time period, the generation that mainly made up the “Hippie” movement fought social norms and standards on a daily basis.  One of the way they fought back was through their clothing and outfit choices.  Being raised in a society that was clean-cut and rather conservative.  The new generation believed in a more free society and they exemplified this by starting the trend of bell bottomed jeans, flowy or cut tops, or in some cases, just large t-shirts or no clothing at all.  They did this to stand for free will and individuality.  Flash forward to 2012-2015: Coachella.  While there are minor similarities between the two styles at these music festivals, teens and young adults in the current generation wear these outfits to fit in to the festival scene or to try and replicate the fashion.  But that is all this is: replication.  Coachella go-ers try to be cute and/or trendy, but the history behind that style came with sacrifice and passion.

Mais de 40 anos se passaram e o estilo boho que eventos como esse que ...

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