Hack #6 – Stonewall

My group’s question in class today was about the raid at the Stonewall Inn gay bar that sparked the Gay Liberation Movement, so I found a Ted Talk that discusses the gay rights movement and how it was influenced by the civil rights movement. The speaker is and African American lesbian and begins by talking about how the media constantly gives false information and uses the example of the 2008 election when Obama was elected president, and the right for gay marriage was taken away. At this time, a poll with incorrect information came out saying that around 70% of blacks had voted yes on Proposition 8, and even though it wasn’t true the media ran with the idea of African Americans being homophobic. She then goes on to explain how the two oppressed groups should be supporting each other and shows documentary footage of African American LGBT activists gaining the support of the black community. She compares the Montgomery Bus Boycott with the Stonewall Inn raid that sparked the Gay Liberation Movement and ends with the fact that I found most interesting. Nelson Mandela, the revolutionary South African politician and philanthropist, not only led South Africa out of apartheid, but lead his country to become the first country to ban discrimination on based on sexual orientation in its constitution.

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