Hack #6: Bruce Jenner interview.

The Bruce Jenner interview was really something.
I always saw him as the least-diva asset of the Kardashian family tree. I think, more or less, that she’s been really brave about this whole thing. Mainly because she never really had attention to begin with? Like everyone wants to see Kim, Khloe, Kris, Kylie, etc etc etc. but Bruce is kind of off in the wings being in the background. Now the one time that she gets attention, its for something so personal and private. Personally, I think Bruce made the best out of the situation. But you can clearly see how society can really mess someone up when they’re going through a change like that. Bruce contemplated suicide. Many people actually commit it and go without a word. Bruce holds so much power right now with this situation, I’m glad that it’s happening the way it is. But people need to be more accepting of situations like this because it happens to non famous people too, and they don’t get two hour interviews with Diane Sawyer. Historically speaking, transgender individuals have gone through so much to gain a grain of acceptance. There is a day dedicated to trans called the Transgender Day of Remembrance that shows respect to those whose lives have been lost due to their gender identity. Bruce Jenner has it easy and has the potential to change the way people view transgender individuals. Food for thought.

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