Another Feminism Post #6

Yes, I know quite a few people have posted about feminism but it’s something that has really sparked my interest. The difference between then and now, the types of supporters meaning hesitant and bold, and really where its going next. I found this article about then and now and it mentioned how in the past, feminism was about equal rights for voting, jobs, political status, things like that. It said how the technical Second Wave of Feminism rejected Barbie. Women threw away their heels and lost their bras. NOW however, young girls embrace Barbie. They focus more on famous women who yes have the spotlight and a lot of attention, but not for the right reasons. Girls aspire to be Brittney Spears or Beyonce. What do they really take from them though? Is it the sex appeal, the fact that they are desired after? Or is it their entrepreneurial ways of making it so far in such a competitive world? Beyonce, one of my personal favorites, teaches empowerment and self confidence, something I think girls need to be reminded of. Maybe this new wave of feminism is because we already have the right to vote and women can have mens’ jobs now. That doesn’t mean there aren’t problems anymore. Why aren’t women like Ellen Degenerous highlighted more often? Why are the movie stars and pop singers cherished more than the philanthropic celebrities? Why is it more important to spend your money on a choker necklace to look like Kylie Jenner than to donate it to children who don’t have access to water? I want the next wave of women to want to change to world, not just their placement in society. Let’s go ladies. Girl Power.

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