Hack #5


Earlier, this week my little brother sent me a Snapchat of a meal that he created with a caption that said, “This is so bomb!”  My first thought and response was, “Drop acid not bombs!” Obviously this is not good advice to tell your little brother, however, I then got to explain to him what we’ve been learning in large lecture about the feelings towards the Vietnam war.

U.S. soldiers fought in Vietnam from 1945-1975, however, protests about the war did not begin in America until around 1965 when America started bombing North Vietnam.  This was a problem because the damage being done in North Vietnam not only killed the Vietcong but the innocent Vietnamese people as well!  And also in the process young college-aged American soldiers were being murdered as well!  This sparked a lot of protesting in America.  American’s began protesting in the streets and movements began being made!  The hippie movement came out of the Vietnam war as well as many political movements on college campuses such as Berkley.  “Drop acid, not bombs,” was only one of the many slogans used to put an end to the Vietnam War.


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