In large lecture Professor Putman said that there are many of us that are scared of the word feminist because of the stereotype it has received. So I have never considered myself a feminist, in fact I always figured I was quite the opposite. I believe that the woman does belong in the kitchen, I believe the woman makes the perfect homemaker, but I also believe that so does the man. I believe that as women we are to honor our husbands (or future husbands) but the key word being honor, not be a servant to. I think that women have roles in society and men have roles in society, sometimes those can be different and sometimes those can be the same. But as we are discussing what feminism is and what it looks like I am seeing that what role I see the women playing is not the complete opposite of what an “extreme feminist” sees. Feminism doesn’t always have to be burning bras and enlisting in the military or protesting. It can be simple as acknowledging that its ok for women to be in the work force the same amount as men. For standing up for yourself when someone sees you as less than because you are female. You can be feminist, stand up for your rights as a woman but still be a stay at home mom you can still respect and serve your husband.

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