Hack #4 Vietnam/Bootlegger

I met an older gentlemen this last weekend in Kentucky. He used to be a “bootlegger” before he went legit and attained a license and opened a distillery for his moonshine. What a character! It turns out he loves to talk…and in doing so I found out he served in Vietnam. He loved being over there as a rescue pilot so much that he was sent to Okinawa for mental help. Long story short he finally made it back to the states with multiple purple hearts, a new Japanese bride, and infant son. Some skeptics say that our soldiers were never spit on or disrespected upon return. Without prompting he told me that he was dressed in his dress greens holding his baby boy, and along side his loving bride. He was spit on and called a “baby killer” when he was leaving the Chicago airport. The funny part was he said he snatched those “hippies” by there long hair and was escorting them outside to “teach’em some manners.” The MP’s got involved…but elected to see how the lesson would turnout. The lesson was taught, he guaranteed me. It sounded like a drunken story until he was showing off some FB pics.


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