Essay Topic: Fear of Technology

The fear of technology in the digital age is driven by reoccurring fears of information overload in the past, the alarming rate at which technology is evolving, and the creation of being able to possibly replicate the human mind through technology.

Sure, not many of us care about being afraid of technology because nowadays we are so immersed in it. There are still few who view technology as a threat to human kind and believe that our end because of it will come quite soon. With the power of being able to access and infinite information in just a push of a button, people fear that this may create “information overload.” A strain that might happen in a brain when tasking too many things at once. Another fear that could possibly come true is the creation of artificial beings that can create even better artificial beings themselves. This sounds like a fear right out of a sci-fi movie, but interestingly enough, by the speed at which technology is evolving, this may become a possible future and may lead to the extinction of the human race.

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