Technology is the harbinger of the future. It can make a government powerful, or crush it like a cockroach. It can heal the sick, or be used to kill the innocent. What I would like to focus on however, is not so doom and gloom. As the tides of time roll on, and technology becomes more and more ubiquitous, one can often forget to appreciate the little things. Like, a video game for instance. As a proud nerd, playing video games is one of my favorite past times, and I can get lost playing the right one for hours and hours on end without thinking twice (Skyrim anybody?). However, being surrounded by so much technology all the time can make us forget that at one point, 99% of the things we enjoy today didn’t exist 100 years ago. A century ago, kids played with a stick and hoop for fun. They could whack that hoop with that stick all goddam day long if they didn’t have to go work in factories to support their family of nine. Since only children were small enough to reach into the small spaces inside machines, this happened all too often in the past. HIST teaches us about the horrible working conditions and standard of living for many in the working class during the industrial age in Ch. 17, which brings me to another point. Technology has not only allowed us to enjoy the magical serenade that is an Xbox 360 starting up, but it has also allowed us all to enjoy a much greater standard of living. You might say, “But Brandon, what about politics? Economics? Philosophy? What about all the other realms of learning and knowledge? How can you say that science and technology are at the core of it all?” To that I say, technology is not only the medium, but the catalyst for this change. Without electricity, penicilin, automobiles, computers, and Call of Duty, you would still be reading by candlelight and hoping that the water doesn’t give you cholera.

Brandon Beal

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