Essay topic Financial Crisis

In recent years there has been a debate about the power of banks and the transparency of their business. Since there has been a financial crisis 6 years ago, the economic is still suffering under the consequences of the crisis. So called Bad Banks were established in order to get rid of all the toxic stock and bond papers. Furthermore, whole countries have suffered from the crisis, America was nearly bankrupt 1 year ago , Greece is still in the recession and the value of the european currency , the euro, is getting lower and lower due to the politics of the european central bank (EZB). However, financial crisis happened before like in 1929 when the first real stock market crash occurred.According to the Book, this was mainly caused by the fact that a lot of things like cars, real estates or even stocks were bought on credit. All of a sudden , the market was over speculated and stock prices began to fall and people lost their money . There is a similarity to the latest financial crisis, however, it has a much greater impact on the society nowadays that it had 80 years ago

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