Hack #3: Priorities of Safety

These last couple weeks, we have been lectured about the Cold War, particularly the race for arms with the Atomic bomb.  When the Soviet Union announced they had an atomic bomb, the U.S government implemented plans for citizen’s survival if there were to be an atomic bomb launched on the United States.  These plans included fallout shelters and the “duck and cover” drill.

Just a couple years ago, Kim Jong Un, dictator of North Korea, threatened to launch a nuclear bomb on the U.S.  Instead of preparing for the slight chance it could happen, most went to the internet and made memes and jokes about it (such as the one below).


In my opinion, I find it interesting how at one point in our history, our society was frightened by an atomic bomb and prepared for it in every way possible, but nowadays, we laugh at the idea of a nuclear bomb.

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